5. Josette Joseph

Wasn’t It Kind of Wonderful?


Men as water

slipping between women

as broken fingers


Men as the cactus plants

women as burning kitchens

used for oxygen


Men as prodigal sons


Men as germination

seed firing from outside itself

reaching towards women as the sky


Men as sunlight

confined to the nature of falling

on humans in prison grounds


Women as the ground


Women as penny sweet wrappers

to be torn open by children

as Andy Dufresne


Women as weak currency

in circulation

gold bodies bent into palms

folded into dark spaces


Children as ceiling fans

tangled in hot air mothers


Children as fish in tanks

Children as bottled water

Children as suitcases

Children as sliced fruit


Children as wilting plants to be sold

eventually dying at tables and desks


Humans as two hands of the same body

picking itself apart


Humans as worker bees and honeycomb